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Hi, I'm Lois. Thanks for visiting!

I started writing when I was sixteen on a old fashioned typewriter my Father rescued from a skip. The first articles I wrote were published in a small American magazine and earned me a total of $106, a significant amount of pocket money back then. I've been writing ever since, with hundreds of freelance articles, five traditionally published non-fiction books to my name and two co-authored plus half a dozen indie published ones. I even have a MA in Creative writing. With a distinction at that. And yet, I struggle to own the identity of 'author'. 

My writing has always been an adjunct to my first profession and when I found myself - with a great deal of surprise - suddenly to be in a position to leave that employment, start a small part-time business and take the opportunity to expand my writing career, I leapt at it. But then I found myself struggling. 

My commitment to myself  is to write fiction, to produce a great memoir and yet what I habitually do when I show up at the keyboard is write freelance articles which function as content marketing for my business while adding to the income. That's my comfort zone and it serves my pocket well but it doesn't serve my soul. It's time to branch out and learn how to produce the novel that I would  like to read, the memoir that belongs on my shelf.

Not all the learning is the how-to stuff about how fiction works, although even after an MA some years ago, I have much to learn. Some of it is learning to believe in myself, learning to adopt a different identity and to wear it with with pride and confidence. I need to remember the joy of writing when I don't know for sure my words are going to be read or produce a bank deposit. I need to immerse in the community of fiction writers and readers. I need to feel able to declare that I am working on a novel without fear of people looking on me with pity as a deluded creature with aspirations beyond her ability. In other words, I need to start acting like a novelist.

But I am not quite ready to declare  openly that thais what I am becoming. Nor am I willing to stay lurking in the dark secret place. So this blog is my half way house. Lois Causey is not my given name but it will be the name under which I publish my fiction. It's just that no-one knows who I am yet. 


If there was a blog where I could follow a brand new novelist though all the days of her writing ( and not writing) and see what she was learning and from whom and what might be good for me and what might be the very long way round to be avoided, I would read that blog. If there was a blog that belonged back in the later nintey's when blogging was an invitation inside a personal world and not full of instructional listicles and monetisations, I would read that blog. So I am writing it. And then, when the book is  ready for the world, whether that's via a gatekeeper publisher or my own indie press, I will reveal it and me. Until then please excuse a little mystery as I carve out a public cocoon in which I can transform in privacy. 

Borrowing from the tradition of memoir I may disguise names and places or conflate events in my blogs to maintain the privacy that is giving my nervous self freedom to write. I will however, always tell you the truth about what its like for me to write and learn.

And if you absolutely have to know some facts about me I will tell you that I write with a Sheaffer Savage pen, in a Leuchturm notebook or on one of many Apple products. I drink tea like it should be in an intravenous drip and  if I could do all that anywhere in the world it would be in the Bay area or Cape Town. Or probably anyplace where there was water and good cafes and bookshops. I live however in the cold UK and my favourite writing tool is my oil free radiator.